Lisa’s Story

Two years ago I received a health scare that I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My husband decided at that moment that our whole family needed to go all organic in our diets. He gave away all of our non-organic products and we started our healthy journey. I underwent 9 surgeries and each time healed within one week of surgery. With amazement, doctors asked what I had been doing and I told them I went all organic. I was then told there was no need for radiation or chemotherapy.
Last year, my eyesight had changed drastically and I thought due to my cancer, maybe something was horribly bad with my eyesight. Upon seeing my eye doctor, he examined me and said it was kind of a phenomenon – my eyes had reversed and were getting better. I talked with a nutritionist and she asked me if I had been eating blueberries and blackberries in my diet, which I ate nightly for my snacks, because these fruits had bettered my eyesight.

So I decided that if organic was helping me, it was going to help all animals with all health issues, like diabetes and cancer. It would help all animals to eat the most healthy treats with no chemicals or preservatives in their diet for a longer life span.

I had even done an organic carrot challenge, testing my dogs with an organic carrot and a conventional carrot from the grocery store. All my dogs smelled both carrots and grabbed the organic carrots each time. The other carrot remained untouched on our floor for days.

With a positive attitude daily and my faith in God, I truly believe He opened this pet bakery with open arms to help so many of our four-legged friends.

My goal is to grow our company with organic treats, nutritional education, and love for many years to come.